Can you bring peace to the fairy realm?

Protect the Fairy Realm at all Costs

Orcs, goblins and a menacing dragon are out to destroy the sacred tree! You and your band of heroes have been called upon to stop this evil and bring peace to the fairy realm. A dangerous mission that might overwhelm even the most seasoned adventurer.

  • Genre Fantasy Archery
  • Game Length 10 minutes
  • Players 1-6 players


  • Family-Friendly archery game
  • A cooperative adventure
  • Destroy the attacking army
  • Immerse yourself in a fantasy world
Your adventure starts here


  • Peril: The fairy realm is under siege! Vicious orcs, cunning goblins, and a formidable dragon seek to obliterate the sacred tree, the heart of the fairy realm.

  • Your Mission: Assemble your band of heroes and rise up against this malevolent force. It’s up to you to halt the onslaught and preserve the tranquility of the fairy realm.

  • Warning: This quest is not for the faint-hearted. The dangers you will encounter can daunt even the most seasoned adventurer. Are you prepared to champion the fairy realm and ensure its survival?