Quantum Arena

Go head to head in a futuristic shooter

Go head to head against friends or foe

Challenge your friends in an intense futuristic tournament! Team-up or fight in a free-for-all battle for the highest score. Beware as players are not the only danger to look out for!

  • Genre PVP
  • Game Length 10 minutes
  • Players 1-4 players


  • High-energy PVP action
  • Bouncing bullets
  • Interactive levels
  • Booby traps!
Your adventure starts here

Step into the Quantum Arena

  • Game Mode: Challenge friends and rivals in an adrenaline-pumping arena! Choose to unite in teams or brave the chaos in a free-for-all showdown.

  • Objective: Score the highest, dominate the competition, and claim futuristic glory.

  • Caution: Players are your primary adversaries, but stay vigilant! Hidden threats and unforeseen dangers lurk at every turn. Are you skilled enough to emerge victorious?