Virtual Reality Rentals for Weddings

Discover a new dimension to wedding celebrations with our Virtual Reality rentals in Metro Vancouver! Elevate your special day by offering guests an immersive escape, be it a romantic virtual sunset or a stroll through your love story. 

Marrying Moments with Magic

Ideal solution for Weddings looking to level up their event entertainment. Our library of Virtual Reality experiences is ever-growing. Players can choose between co-op-based games and player vs. player games. Shoot ’em ups, puzzle games, Archery, and much more!

Step 1

Our dedicated team will promptly set up the VR arena at your venue.

Step 2

Gather your party, choose a VR experience, and our experts will equip you and start a quick tutorial.

Step 3

Compete for high scores, view team standings at the end of a game. Screens for non-participating spectators to enjoy the action!


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

We have up to 6 stations we can set up at your event that supports multiplayer.

Each experience lasts for about 10-13 minutes of game play

Generally No, but please inquire with us to see if we can make any exceptions!

Depending on the number of players. Up to 4 players will require a 15x15ft flat area. 5 Players and above will require a 20x20ft flat area

One dedicated electrical outlet.

No, we will bring our own devices that include wifi to ensure stable service. Only a dedicated electrical outlet will be required.vv

The overwhelming majority of our experiences do not cause motion sickness, but if a guest were to choose something with that possibility we would warn them about it.

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